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Hello Everyone,



We subscribe to a print+digital edition of Multichannel News and were wondering if anyone would like to trade other trade publications with us.  We've found Multichannel to be quite valuable actually, with lots of detail we don't see following websites and reading about the industry online.



We have at least three months of Multichannel sitting here and thought that it might be interesting to trade for another trade mag, as it generally costs hundreds of dollars to subscribe to these.

Multichannel was $249 for 52 issues. 



We would be especially interested in InternetRetailer.com



I would probably want to return these to one another at some point, though we could talk about that. 



Other industries' publications might interest us as well.  If we had a few people doing this we could end up reading all of these we wanted while only paying for one. 



And in case anyone thinks otherwise, we're only talking about temporarily trading two print versions of magazines, so there shouldn't be copyright issues with doing this.

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