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The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said


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Guest longinvestor

Wow, although I shop Amazon.com regularly, I paid little attention to Bezos. It is clear that he "gets it" and no wonder Warren talks so highly of him.


I particularly liked these,

"There are two kinds of companies: Those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second."

"Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient."

"your margin is my opportunity"


If he holds on to these dearly in the running of Amazon, they will do all right. The business world is full of pretenders who  believe in the exact opposite of these, that charging more which increases my margin, right now, is the way to run business. This is what business schools teach and why businesses pay big bucks to students of this flawed thinking. Why the Walmart, Costco's of the world are the only enduring successes.

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