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The Widow Helper ??


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It would appear that the infamous ‘widow maker’ has continued to be the ‘widow helper’.  This is in reference to the JGBs since as of today the 10-year is 11bp below last year and the 30-year is 15bp lower.  Sorry for the repeat of a previous post, but I am fascinated by the drama (my personal financial porn if you will).


On the other hand and of a more serious note, is it just possible that the more money one prints the more dominant one becomes.  Take a mental exercise of a four (4) person monopoly game with four (4) different currencies.  Eventually and for possible reasons such as a trade or a deal to get all the rail roads, whatever the reason, you eventually only have three (3) currencies because it is just easier.  Play that out over and over, and ultimately you get just one currency. 


Is it possible that when Nixon took the world off the gold standard and Kissinger negotiated with the Arab world to trade only in US dollars, that we are in our own monopoly game on a global scale??





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