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Retail stores emails


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Is there any correlation between the number of emails that a company sends out and its performance.


I’m not much of an online shopper  - my wife spends enough for both of us :D


The number of emails we get are as follows


Sears – daily – sometimes two a day or more

Barnes and Noble – on average – more than 1 a day (although I don’ know how many of those are deliberate sign ups for things or categories)

Lands end – as well as sears we get a few a week from Lands end as well!!

Tiger Direct. One a day. About 9am (this is all my fault – I signed up for it)

Target one a week mostly

Amazon rarely – yet this is the one I do buy things from.


They seems to be the major ones and the sears/lands end/ B&N are now beginning to irritate me. How many times do you think trying to contact me helps? Its to the point that I’d refer not shop there due to the number of times a day you want me to spend time on your email.


It’s sears and B&N seem to be in the most trouble retail wise – does this lead to the emails or do the number of emails turn people off?

Totally unscientific of course but who else out there gets masses of emails – and are they from stores then aren’t doing well?


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Amazon sends me, on average 10 per week and I've only spent about $50 there.  The usual emails are for their "deals" and  the other one is for titles similar to my last purchase.


I got sucked in at Old Navy (owned by The Gap) and gave my real address since they send out coupons, they've been about 3 per week to me. 


I think my wife gets the same 2 with the same frequency.

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