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Berkshire Letters Compilation


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Wasn’t sure whether to put this in the book section or here.


I few years ago I created a basic compilation of Buffett’s letters to shareholder for myself and a few other friends (many of them on this board). It was mainly for reference and as a much easier way to consume the letters without having Berkshire print them all off.


Last year I got Buffett's endorsement -- plus a few non-public letters -- to publish the book for the benefit of fans and shareholders of Berkshire. It’s got every letter from 1965 to the most recent one, plus indexes, charts, and a “Corporate Genealogy” that Warren passed on that summarizes Berkshire’s history and financials from 1955 on.


Here is the official page with all the details. There you can find a more detailed description, plus some sample pages and a chart detailing the performance of Berkshire's insurance operations. (For any programmers out there, the chart was created with D3. You can check out the development version on GitHub.)


The book will be sold at the annual meeting for $14.35, but will also be on Amazon (can pre-order here). Hopefully at some point I’m going to come out with a similar book with the Buffett Partnership letters.

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