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Investment Checklists?


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I was curious if anyone else has created a detailed Investment Checklist? After I read Poor Charlie's Almanack, last summer, I created my own investment checklist http://www.poorcharliesalmanack.com/index.html


Guy Spier recently gave a presentation on Investment Checklists: http://manualofideas.com/blog/2009/07/guy_spier_live_blogging_the_va.html


Anyone use one also? What are some of your items?


A few from my list: MOS, cash generative, story stock?, honest management, capital allocation, invert, understand Porter 5...



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Not very systematic, but what I look for - in a long term investee - is what I call a culture of making profits.


There are companies which should be producing profits, but somehow just never seem to be consistent.

I think what happens is, once the money starts being in surplus, they expand their scope somehow, eg

more marketing trips, more non-practical R&D, drill more dry wells, pay executives more, whatever.


Whereas other companies seem to produce profits, even in tough times.  A shortfall is temporary for them.

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