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A Conversation with Mario Gabelli (Apple, Coffee, Micro-cap & Small-Cap, etc)

Guest hellsten

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Guest hellsten

Here's a great interview with Mario Gabelli:



Some of the topics discussed:

- "private market value with a catalyst"

- why they follow John Malone, Carl Icahn, and other money makers

- why they "don't tend to buy Apples of the world, no matter how statistically cheap they are"

- why we should look at demographic changes, populations getting older, they need body parts, more denture, gluten-free, health, organic and whole foods.

- Coffee, single-serve, Peet's Coffee, DE master blender (spin-off)


This comment by Mario was interesting:

the structure of Wall Street has changed in part accelerated by Spitzer

where the analysts can't follow and don't follow micro-cap and small-cap stocks


Anyone know exactly he means? Are analysts not allowed to follow micro-cap and small-cap stocks because of something Spitzer did?


Has anyone looked at DE master blender:




Mario Gabelli has said "If you drink it, we follow it":



They've also said "if you watch it, we follow it".


Sorry for posting a link to Fox  ;D

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I looked into DE master blenders when they did the spinoff.  I'd just read the Greenblatt book about spinoffs so I thought I'd take a look at one and maybe it would be cheap with the euro crisis going on. They have a market leading or near market leading position in a lot of countries in europe, and they also have Pilao, which is the top brand in Brazil and is expected to grow a lot as their middle class grows.  I didn't think the stock looked that cheap so I didn't buy any.  I'd definitely recommend the coffee though.  I alternate between that and Bustelo at the house.

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