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Online Portfolio Tracking


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I am looking for suggestions for online portfolio tracking tools. I would like to use google finance but it does not support option positions and TARP warrants.




I have account at TradeKing and Scottrade. But I want to use one tool consistently to track my performance.


I would love to find a tracking tool that does everything I want, so far I have not. The closet thing I have found for free is wikinvest.com, they track options, prefs and warrants, but they require that you provide them with your account credentials so they can download your transaction data via your broker's APIs, they don't support Interactive Brokers and of course if you have two factor auth setup then they can't automatically poll your brokerage account. Also even if you are not using two factor auth, keeping your creds in their database is not ideal.


I have accounts with Etrade, IB, Fidelity, TDAmeritrade and Sharebuilder/COF so finding something that can import all the data from these different brokers is generally not possible.


As a result I keep it all in a spread sheet and automatically pull down the stock, warrant and preferred quotes from the Yahoo finance APIs since they track more securities than Google Finance does and I manually update the quotes on my options positions.


What I really want is a piece of software that can import my trading records from all of my accounts going back to inception. However it seems that most brokerages don't provide data that far back through their API, you would need to manually enter the older data yourself.


One piece of software I played around with is Fund Manager:




Not bad, but windows only and I am mostly a mac guy nowadays. Would also prefer something web based. I keep my spreadsheet on google docs so I can access it from my phone if I want. That is the best solution I have found so far.


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On further digging I found that Yahoo finance does have warrants. BAC-WTA, AIG-WT, JPM-WT etc.


But their UI seems cluncky. Still need to figure out how to add sell trade data as well as old transactions.


I am also looking for web based solution which is platform agnostic.


Yes yahoo has almost all warrants and prefs that I own they just usually have different symbols than my brokerage accounts. I have never tried their portfolio tracker. I believe Wikinvest allows you manually enter portfolios as well but I have not tried. Google finance has the GM warrants using GM+A and GM+B but none of the other ones. I really wish Google Finance had warrants more prefs because I like their UI way better than yahoo. I played around with Covestor for a while too but they did not track warrants or prefs at the time.

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I've also found wikinvest.com to be pretty simple and good. It also has a decent ipad app. One minor annoyance (aside from the credentials issue compoundinglife noted) is that it ignores dividends in the benchmark returns it provides (S&P and DJIA). Not a lot of dividends in my portfolio so it's hard to tell, but I think it accounts for dividends in the portfolio return as this matches my own time-weighted return calc pretty closely.


Unless they've been making updates, I would steer clear of Mint for investment tracking purposes.

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