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Fairfax book value at the end of 2012


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Morning star is pegging it at around 347 as an estimate but it seems right on the ball with all the insurance losses factored in. In addition, there is the annual dividend of atleast $10.


If these two estimates hold good, we are looking at a post dividend book value of about 337/share which is about 7 billion. Looks like FRFHF can be had for a lower price in 2013 than now.





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Seems low. Their exposure to the area would suggest cat losses from Sandy of ~$225 mm. Some of that would be absorbed by "pre-catastrophe" underwriting profit (YTD combined ratio of 97.1%) There's also about ~$350 mm in gains from RIMM, Cunningham Lindsey, Brick, etc. Their portfolio did well this quarter.

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