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How Do You Find Companies With Dormant Assets Ignored By the Market?


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The folks at Horizon Kinetics seem to favor these gems:




In this vein, we continue our series on predictive attributes by highlighting companies with dormant

assets. These refer to assets within a company that do not yet produce a level of profit appropriate to

that asset or that have not yet been monetized, and the value of which, therefore, may not be

recognized by most investors. In some cases, the value may be widely acknowledged, but may require

too long an investment horizon to be of interest to most investors. Dormant assets can fall into many

categories, including patents or intellectual property rights, undeveloped land assets, and vacant real

estate assets. Below, we highlight some companies, which are held in several of our strategies, with

dormant assets in the areas of spectrum capacity and land or real estate development.


Interesting read.  ;)



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