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BH-If Biglari were fired what would the stock price be?


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  If Biglari were fired, with no change in his compensation agreement, what would the stock price be?

  What would Biglari Holdings Inc. then be worth?

  (Assume he would get what the current contract says he is entitled to up to the date of his dismissal.)

  This is somewhat of a rhetorical question; I think most analysts would agree on the range of values.

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I would think that due to how hard it would be to get rid of him, when coupled with the fact that the company bares his name, that it would really freak people out. I don't own the stock anymore, but if I did, I would get REALLY worried if he was fired- at this point, if you own the stock it seems to me that you are essentially betting on Bigs. Other than the compensation package (which, I think turned out to be pretty reasonable), the guy has done a great job there and I can't see why anyone would want to get rid of him. The real question, is what happens to the package in a few years when he wants a raise.


I've gotta ask: why do you ask the question?

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