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Founders returning to companies


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Thinking aloud here...


A pattern that I have seen is that sometimes a founder leaves his company, the successor runs it into the ground, then the founder comes back to turnaround his/her baby.  Usually the founder coming back is a great turnaround story and the share price goes up a lot.  Examples:

IDT - Howard Jonas; up over 7X since he came back


AAPL - Steve Jobs


Does anybody know of any companies where a similar situation is playing out?


Here are some vaguely similar situations (to me, they aren't the same):

DELL - Michael Dell returned to the company full-time.  However, the stock price performance hasn't been stellar.  I believe that it is mainly due to competition squeezing profits out of the computer market.

BBY - The founder doesn't want to come back as CEO; rather, he wants to take over Best Buy in a private equity bid.

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