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Billion Dollar Mistake - Stephen L. Weiss


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I read it last year. Good book and it does point out some interesting case studies and faux pas made by the best of investors, but frankly I didn't find anything spectacularly eye-opening. Sometimes I felt that the examples were drawn out to increase the number of pages and other times I felt that the conclusions were forced ( I cannot remember specific examples right now but that was my impression when I read it). Some of the examples are also pretty well known and you can find them on the internet.


Btw, I am reading 'Billion Dollar Lessons' right now and find it a much better book for learning about failures. It has some excellent examples and case studies, although again I sometimes feel that certain chapters were forced with the examples provided being outliers rather than commonplace mistakes and may have a tenuous cause and effect relationship ( e.g. chapter on misjudged adjacencies is one of them and I felt that it may have been easy for the authors to judge based on 20/20 hindsight). But otherwise a pretty good book.

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