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Japanese Consumer Credit Companies


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Reaching out to the board community that may have any comments on the consumer credit companies in Japan.  If any have followed the industry, you are aware of the issues over the last several years.  Of course we had the financial crisis and then the Great East Japan Earthquake effecting these financial companies.  But on top of and before these events, the companies had essentially draconian regulatory change.  Among other miscellaneous issues, mainly three (3) big changes as I have understand them are/were  — 1) Return of interest that consumers could request because of 2) Lowering of the maximum lending rate allowed, and 3) loan receivables are limited to 33% of annual income. 


The potential (emphasis on potential) is that some of these companies are down 95% from their peak and some are actually still making money.  Any companies the board knows about and would like to comment on?




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