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Pricing land for sale for commercial development?


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Just a shot in the dark here to see if the board would have any input.  I'm getting a lot of interest in some raw land I own. We are just starting to develop the property for residential (multi-family and single family) and commercial.  The commercial portion would have roadside frontage.


My thought is that the roadside frontage should command a good bit more per square foot than the land that is farther from the road.  Also, in pricing the frontage portion higher, it would encourage folks to build deeper instead of buying up all the roadside square footage at once.


I have limited access to comparable asking prices in the area and we are in a very good location as far as being in the pathway of growth.


Im looking for feedback to see if my thought process about a blended per square foot pricing model is what usually happens in these scenarios.  Any other pointers, sites, books etc are welcomed as well.



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