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Storage and Stability - Benjamin Graham


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[amazonsearch]Storage and Stability[/amazonsearch]


Has anyone ever read this book? It's about backing a currency with all the things that make an economy run (corn, wheat, iron, silver, ect) and talks about it in a way where we could feasibly have competing currencies and faze out the greenback. There are all sorts of other advantages, such as what would happen with a war and such.


I read it while hopping plans to get to and from Houston a 8 or so months ago and thought that it was one of the most brilliant pieces of writing ever. As with all the other stuff that I have read from Graham, I couldn't put it down and kept thinking "WOW! This is what I have always thought/believed, but, was never smart enough to extrapolate on, put into words or so much as have a cohesive thought on!"


I always love it when that happens and the thought was a really old one (The book is something like 80 years old).

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