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For runners a lift from Warren Buffett


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From the AR:

Among the new exhibitors this year will be Brooks, our running-shoe company. Brooks has been

gobbling up market share and in 2011 had a sales gain of 34%, its tenth consecutive year of record volume. Drop by and congratulate Jim Weber, the company’s CEO. And be sure to buy a couple of pairs of limited edition “Berkshire Hathaway Running Shoes.”


From NYTimes:




From the 10k


In 2011, Brooks® achieved #1 market share in footwear with specialty retailers. A

significant volume of the shoes sold by Berkshire’s shoe businesses are manufactured or purchased from sources outside the United States. Products are principally sold in the United States through a variety of channels including department stores, footwear chains, specialty stores, catalogs and the Internet, as well as through company-owned retail stores.

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