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FFH Pre-Dinner Report


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I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Pre-Dinner event which proved to be a great start to a superb couple of days for value investors.  But the real thanks should go to Sanjeev and everyone at Fairfax!


A big thank you also goes out to our surprise guests who dropped by and gamely answered many of our impertinent questions.  We were honoured by a visit from Francis Chou (Chou Funds), Andrew Barnard (Fairfax Insurance), and Sammy Chan (Fairfax Asia).  (I still feel bad about asking Francis about RadioShack.  What can I say, I was genuinely interested.  There's something about a low price that does that to me.)  The visit was totally unexpected and most welcome! 


In some ways the Pre-Dinner event was reminiscent of the intimacy of the Dinner from a few years ago.  I was also surprised, and pleased, to see so many people show up early in the afternoon.  At this rate we may have to start earlier next year.  I also suspect that we'll pick a location closer to the Royal York next year.  In addition, if you have any suggestions on how we can make it better, please let me know here or privately.


But I know that everyone wants to see my "secret" compilation of stocks that were mentioned by people at the Pre-Dinner event.  If you make money on any of them, please think about donating some of your gains to The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada.


Stocks To Think About Before Dinner


US Tickers

Alliance Healthcare Services (AIQ)

American International Group (AIG)

Bank of America (BAC)

Bank of Ireland (IRE)

Capital Trust (CT)

Ebix (EBIX)

Hartford Financial Services Group (HIG)

General Motors Company (GM)

Level 3 Communications (LVLT)


Micropac Industries (MPAD.OB)

Multimedia Games (MGAM)


Popular (BPOP)

Saga Communications (SGA)

Salem Communications (SALM)

Thomas Properties Group (TPGI)

Ultra Petroleum (UPL)


Canadian Tickers

Algoma Central (ALC)

Bombardier (BBD.B)

Canadian Oil Sands (COS)

EGI Financial (EFH)

Glacier Media (GVC)

Hartco (HCI)

SIR Royalty Income Fund (SRV.UN)

Torstar (TS.B)


World Markets

Komori (Tokyo: 6349)

Piramal Healthcare (Bombay: 500302)


It was a great couple of days with many friendly value investors.  Mind you, my portfolio might have been driven to the brink of suicide by Sam's outlook which seemed something like

.  Ok, I jest.  Well sort of.  But I'll have more to say on that when I type up some meeting notes in a few days.  Until then, I think that it's fair to say that Richie Boucher from the Bank of Ireland charmed the socks off many investors at the Dinner.  Be sure to keep an eye out for new Irish pubs in Toronto. 


I'd like to thank everyone who came out.  It was great to see both old hands and new converts.  You all make the FFH events special and I hope to see everyone again next year!

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Pub Reporter Norm  --  Thanks :)


Also an additional thanks to our surprise guests, which was much unexpected as all the FFH management team has been so gracious with there time in answering our sometimes oddball questions.  Sammy - be prepared because we will soon corner you and start peppering you with questions as the Asia business continues to grow :)


Yes the event was reminiscent of the intimacy of the dinner/pints from a few years ago, but the growth was inevitable.  The take away I have is that the risk is somewhat reduced from the 20% fluctuations that we used to have in FFH share price as our shareholders are a much more intelligent and more knowledgable shareholders now.  We may only have one more year in the Roy Thompson Hall as we were nearly elbow to elbow this year.




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