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Whither the Yale model?


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Here's a good article about pension funds shunning stocks in favor of...bonds!




For the first time in over a decade, more of the $1.246 trillion assets represented by the 100 largest U.S. corporate pension funds is now in bonds instead of equities, according to pension consulting firm Milliman…


“There will definitely be less demand for equities from corporate pensions if you look out the next several years,” said Aaron Meder, head of U.S. pension solutions for Legal and General Investment Management America. Corporations are “tired of the volatility in the stock market, so they want to de-risk their pensions,” he added.




This risk aversion among institutional investors is trickling down to the retail level, too. Mom-and-pop investors withdrew $4.43 billion from equity funds last week, the largest amount since the start of the year, data from the Investment Company Institute showed today. These investors are also showing a preference for fixed income: bond funds saw with $6.12 billion in inflows that same week, for a total of over $26 billion in the previous three weeks.



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