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what phone should I buy ?


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Guest misterstockwell

I was going to suggest an HTC Titan II or Nokia 900(coming in March to AT&T), but one of the big fails of the metro user interface in WP7.5 is lack of a direct Outlook sync via USB between phone and PC(unless you use Exchange Server). It is the most asked-for feature, but isn't offered yet. I am sure it will be in coming updates. Otherwise, you have to use the cloud for syncing, which may be fine for you. You may or may not want that. I used a Motorola Razr Maxx the other day and it is impressive. Very long battery life and a tough outer shell with a decent sized screen. That's available on Verizon. Droid 4 looks interesting as well. There are a number of apps to directly sync Android with Outlook. I don't know about iPhone as it is too generic for my tastes.


As with anything, make full use of the grace period on returns. Buy it, set it up, and use the crap out of it to see if it works for you.




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