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HK based holding cos


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The 2011 3rd Ave AR, has a nice summary of various Asian NAV plays.  HK-based holding cos are a large number of these.  In addition, the RE fund also has purchase Jan 2013 calls on the HK realty index.  Has anyone looked into any of these HK-based holding cos like Wheelock or Hutchison Land?  TIA.



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My wife owns the fund in an IRA so we've been getting the letters for a few years now and I've seen these names a few times before.


I have looked at other TAV holdings but never the HK stuff.  I ran a screen of net-net stocks trading in HK about a year ago, I was inspired by the TAV holdings.  I attached the xls file to this post.


If you do look here is a link to HK's version of EDGAR: http://www.hkexnews.hk/


Companies in HK have similar reporting requirements to companies in the US, filings are in english, transparency pretty decent.


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