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Interview with top value manager


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This is my interview with Mark Foster, CIO of KM & Co. The company does ZERO press but they have outperformed the market for the past 35 years. They are totally value oriented and focus mostly on special situations. They also have a top performing smid cap mutual fund.


Full interview is here-http://www.valuewalk.com/2012/01/exclusive-interview-with-mark-foster-cio-of-km-co/

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While inception may be important, they are only underperforming vs the S&P in the 5 year number.  The mid cap blend does outperform over the 5yr and 10yr, but that is an unfair comparison as they are an all cap fund.  Holding the likes of MSFT and INTC.  2008 was a tough year, and clearly erased a lot of alpha.  Since 1975, they have outperformed, which is pretty impressive.  Their 3yr number is very good and everything under and including the 1yr number is solid.  You can continue to have your own opinion about the fund, but the story is solid and there are few funds that invest the right way. 

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