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Mr. Buffett's Visit to Fukushima Prefecture: Post-Quake Japan is Cheap!!!


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Japan suffered its worst postwar catastrophe as the March 11 quake and ensuing tsunami crippled nuclear plants in Fukushima prefecture. Buffett, who became the world’s third- richest person through long-term value investing, said earlier this year that the disaster created a “buying opportunity.”


“The fact that a renowned investor like Mr. Buffett is actually coming all the way to Japan and to the very place where it became the center of the disaster means a lot and may shine a light,” said Shuhei Abe, president of Tokyo-based Sparx Group Co., Asia’s second-biggest hedge fund. “There are expectations that Mr. Buffett may invest more in Japan.”

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Watch Warren's Press Conference via CNBC Asia...


He’s set to hold a news conference afterwards, and is also scheduled for a live interview on CNBC Asia.  You can watch it live on CNBC World in the U.S. and we’ll also be posting the video clip here on CNBC.com.


Japan is 14 hours ahead of Eastern Time, so from the U.S. perspective all this will be happening Sunday evening and early Monday morning.



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