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* Death to Keyboards & Monitors: The OmniTouch

Ben Graham

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Cool stuff.  It'll be interesting to see how something like that shapes up over the next few years.


Keep an eye on Microsoft with Skype, XBox , and Windows Phone - Combine all  with OmniTouch and you have a Killer!


As someone who studied architecture in school, I wonder about the future of a program like Autocad too.  You could take presentation drawings and conceptualize in the customers living room making changes right in front of their eyes.

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Oh no, the links are great, I wasn't questioning that and I think the technology is amazing.  It didn't take them long to improve upon the technology that drives the Nintendo Wii. 


I was just thinking more in the context of the musician or aspiring musician. 

I'm a lifelong golfer and had my handicap down to single digits (hence my love of all things Augusta :) )

I couldn't imagine not using a club and a ball to simulate the swing.  Swinging nothing has no appeal to me, virtual simulators have little appeal to me also.


But I realize everyone is different, but swinging a golf club and playing an instrument are similar.  You need to feel it in your hands.


The technology itself phenomenal though.

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