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I Won't Pay Greater Than Ten Percent(1.10) of BV!

Guest ValueCarl

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So, if the master of numbers won't pay a nickel more for BV, then why should anyone else(OPM)?  ::)


Maybe the exchange should "peg values" for Warren's security in order to "maximize" efficiency, yes EMT in its purest form, by gauging the the stock at 1.10 BV quarter over quarter, year over year tied to changing assets, income streams and share counts.


I propose a universal moratorium on Berkshire shares in order that Warren is always the incessant buyer of last resort, along with important company cash, since he refuses to pay a "DIVIDEND" to his valuable owners who are not himself!  ;)


<The company said in September that it planned to buy back its Class A and B shares should they trade at less than 110 percent of book value. That threshold would be less than $106,563 a Class A share, going by the company's book value at the end of the quarter.> 



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I will join this CURMUDGEON FAMILY so that, no man, woman or child, will eat or drink water except for me!


I am not an ULTRA CONSERVATIVE or CONSERVATIVE any longer. I have somehow found a liberal bleeding heart on my journey even though I understand intimately how those builders of their own destinies inside American Capitalism are feeling about Warren's recommended tax on their incomes and ways of life. Most people don't MINT MONEY via the stupidity applied in the capital markets versus the superior intellect of Warren Buffett! But I do think that men whose fortunes were borne on the backs of U.S. Citizens should pay an ESTATE TAX to U.S. citizens like everyone else, unless Bill Gates' "INHERITANCE" is monitored to ensure that every NICKEL is going to the benefit of US citizens!


Pay your CITIZENS a dividend, Warren!  >:(     

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