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Free Capital - Guy Thomas


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I've now read about 2/5 of the book and can already recommend it for would-be full-time individual investors who are looking for inspiration in others who have succeeded in being financially independent from just their investments.


It's not so much an educational book as an inspirational one. There are good reminders of various techniques and mindsets, but most of the value comes from learning about other people's successes and mistakes.

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I just finished reading this book after seeing it referenced a few times in various threads. I thought it was one of the better books that I have read about investing. A fault of mine is that I can be quick to judge other investing styles that are different than my own but I found myself intrigued by all of the stories in this book. The author's writing style brings each investor to life and while each chapter is formatted similarly the information is consistently unique and interesting. I highly recommend this book and if anyone has read anything similar to this one that they can suggest please let me know!

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