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How to Game the (CNBC) Stock Market (Game)

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I've been in the top 20 for a while now and I consistently make 8-10% a day. The way I do it is I trade mostly one stock from market open to market close, pretty much without a break. The stock I trade is EK (there are other 5 -6 similar stocks with enough action - BPOP, CLWR to name a few). I buy when the price hit bid and sell when the price hit ask. Its not as simple as other people think (mainly due to the data feed that CNBC uses - it doesn't update on every price change in real market)but not too difficult either. It's boring, tedious,tiring and requires a lot of time. Yet well worth 1 million dollars. I was contacted by CNBC to provide explanation of my consistent gains, which I did. I place a lot of trades during the day, but rules don't have a limitation, so this strategy is within the rules. I'm pretty sure the top people (and there are more people figuring it out and coming to the top with 100 or more percent gains a week)have the same strategy, however I couldn't figure out how they make 20-30% a day whereas I spend 7 hours trading, making most of all possible trades and still get about 10%. I was looking for complicated explanations but then I figured it out. I can only use 1/4 of my portfolio to trade one stock and it makes me 10% return of the total portfolio.
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