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What are Your Momentum "Hot Stock" Friends Saying Now?

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When do you see capitulation, close or a ways away. I think we need 1 or 2 more blood bath days.


You too Myth? Timing what the market is going to do?  :)



I just see very little people buying anything, everyone believes we are going to go lower, people are focused on timing the market and measuring the macro economy, they are buying gold and have no clue what values are out there. I just don't buy their story at this time.

Oh and some are fearing some new big war...


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When do you see capitulation, close or a ways away. I think we need 1 or 2 more blood bath days.


I've noticed value guys (and gals) like us tend to assume too much.

But, then again, ALL kinds of investors assume too much!


Our thing seems to be, "I'll wait until stocks REALLY start to fall apart". The problem is Mr. Market is completely unpredictable. Even on March 6, 2009 people were saying, "this isn't it I'll wait until the market REALLY starts to fall".


What I like to do is wait until a stock is OBVIOUSLY undervalued then I buy a half position. It it goes up, I move on. If it falls some more I buy another half position.

I figure I can be too early, watch the stock fall more, then hopefully, watch it rise back through my purchase price and head north. If I wait until the ULTIMATE BOTTOM (which I won't recognize until months after it hits) I'd probably end up buying the security HIGHER than if I had just bought when it hit my "obviously undervalued" target.


That is one of a million strategies but I like it. I'd love to hear other people's buy strategies.


...and to answer your question: I think people are assuming the US and the EU are attached at the hip and once they realize that they are two different regions with two different situations the S&P 500 will begin a bumpy upward trend that may turn into a small bull run of a quarter or two. But we will just have to wait and see, I guess.

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BargainValueHunter the beauty of being 90% in is you are good either way. If it goes down tax losses and time to put the 10% to work. If I wake up and we are up 10% on Government printing, bailouts, and EU agreements then great paper gains. Its interesting Europe is the largest economy in the world, but I think we are pretty clear from this mess, and Chanos thinks the US is best positioned to deal with a China collapse...


Well I want to use my cash, take my tax loses and find another hobby for a year or so. Either it comes back or life goes on lol. Also hope we stay down until Jan, I have a roth conversation I want to do and my basis is going lower each day  :). Will be interesting to see what happens politically with Greece though, the music has been playing for 2 years and as Buffett said if they kick hard enough it may go off the road. Pain is love I guess, my only saving grace is markets around the world and especially in Europe are feeling the heat more than here.


I hope Germany gets its comeupens and pays through the noise to bail out Greece and EU banks, or gets a sky high currency that crashes its exports. They have inflicted far too much uncertainty on the world....

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