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Expected Returns: An Investor's Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards -Anti Ilmanen


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[amazonsearch]Expected Returns:  An Investor's Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards[/amazonsearch]


Has anyone here read this? Please share your thoughts!


Thanks for highlighting this book. I bought the book as soon as I saw your post since this is a topic that has occupied a lot of my time in my previous incarnation as a EMH devotee.


This book goes into a lot of the theory behind returns starting from first principles and is remarkably unbiased between EMH and Behavioral or Ben Graham style arguments. It is basically a text book reflecting the latest finance research findings on all topics related to estimating expected returns and provides both a rational and behavioral (inefficient market) arguments. Overall I really liked the book.


I doubt it would be of interest to most investors here on this board. If you are following Ben Graham it just gives you the underlying finance theory behind investing.



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