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Everything Is Obvious - Duncan J. Watts


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[amazonsearch]Everything Is Obvious[/amazonsearch]


This book was recommended by JEast and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone who thinks common sense is the solution to all of our problems ( I was in that group a bit ago lol). The book shows that common sense isn't worth much, and is at best backwards looking once you have the answers. Really does a number on some of Gladwell's work / books regarding connectors and other topics. The book delves into many topics from Social problems, success in film / media / books / art, and even to business strategy planning. One chapter focused on showing how Sony and Apple had the same strategy for the Betamax and for the Ipod. The strategy worked for Apple, but not for Sony….


The book provides something new, and isnt just a rehash of how to buy $1 for 50 cents. It gives the reader another mental model to work with. Thanks for the recommendation JEast. Will get to the other book you talked about at some point as well.


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