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Corporate Pension Plan and Canadian Mutual Funds


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I need to pick from a list of CDN mutual funds from my employee pension fund. I have asked if there is a larger list available since the fund list is rather pedestrian. Hopefully they will provide one. Filling out a "risk" questionair does not appeal to me.


Chou Funds are out since I'm not accredited.


Any young jockeys that I should look for?

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Just because you are not accredited should not eliminate Chou Funds, if you go through a discount broker that is.


Example- I know many people that own Chou Funds that aren't accredited and that bought it through RBC Action Direct. Not sure if you can do this through your employee pension fund or how that would work, but know that you don't necessarly have to always be accredited.


Hope this helps

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Guest Broxburnboy

You might want to look at the Norrep group of funds.. pre meltdown top performers.

They have the advantage of being available through your discount broker.




As always, do your own due diligence.

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