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Consuelo Mack Interviews Robert Shiller


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Parsad, I think you should maybe start a section called "Videos" or "Interviews" and we should all add some our favorite videos/investor interviews. It would be amazing to have such a repository of media contributed by members of this board.


Without this board, I would have never found the Charlie Munger University Interview for example...

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moore, that's a good idea about the video section. Thanks for the link, too.




This might be more usefull for wider audience than section like events. If adding section makes it undesirable in main page then may be having a sub section somewhere migth be a good idea. We can keep it as thread but it won't be visible all the time.




Just to throw an idea,


We can have Other/something else heading in main page replacing Events and Books . Then we can have Events, books and Videos/Interviews as sub section. That makes the main page clutter free and still everything is neatly organized and accessible in sub sections.


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