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Nighly Value Investing Links # 5 (Should I continue to post these or not?)


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Hi Guys,


Carvel brings up a good point. Is anyone interested in me posting these nightly on his forum. If not I don't want to take up more space and clutter the discussion boards.


With that please let me know how you feel. If I get no response in favor or against I will probably stop posting these links



Click The Following Link To Access The Articles. http://www.nightlyinvestmentlinks.com



Daily Features (At Least Read These Articles):


Feature: Near Transcipt of Berkshire Meeting - Via Guru 5

Feature: Top 5 Quotes From Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting - Via Manual Of Ideas

Feature: Video: Charlie Munger: “Evil and Folly” - Via Manual Of Ideas

Feature:Tom Barrack’s Latest Growth Has Its Seasons - Via Colony Capital


Dan Loeb of Third Point Shareholder Letter: We have become less pessimistic- Via Guru Focus

Junk bond rally strongly - Via Can Turtles Fly


Newspapers & Direct Sources:


1. John Mauldin’s Quarterly Review and Outlook - Via Investor Insight

2. U.S. Bank Test Results Delayed as Conclusions Debated - Via Bloomberg

3. SNS - More Franchises, Fewer Frills - Via Corner Of BRK & FFH

4. Fairfax Invests in Mullen Group Debentures - Via Corner Of BRK & FFH

5. Barry Sternlicht Bloomberg Interview - Via Investors Consigliere

6. Best Performing Stocks During The Rally - Via Bespoke Investment Group

7. Chesapeake does some ’splainin… - Via Footnoted.Org

8. MasterCard Struggles as Credit Crisis Hits Card Companies - Via Money Morning

9. The Consumer’s Temple - Via Forbes

10. Overview: Bullish investors lead equities surge - Via FT

11. Rise in risk appetite hurts yen and dollar - Via FT


Link Carnivals, Recommended Readings, & Link Festivals:


1. Must Reads Friday, May 1, 2009 - Via Contrarian Profits

2. Recommended Investing Articles - Via Old School Value

3. Paul Kedrosky’s Recommended Readings - Via Pk

4. Maoxian’s Links - Via Maoxian


Media: (Videos, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Etc)


Feature: Empty Homes Demolished In California - Via Business Insider

1. First Jim Rogers Video For May 2009 - Via All Things Jim Rogers & Jim Rogers Blog




Feature: Valuing Limco-Piedmont - Via Widemoat

Feature: Today’s Value Investor - Via TVI

Feature: MAGIC FORMULA WEEKLY ROUNDUP 5/2 - Via Magic Diligence

1. Free Gold Report - Via Contrarian Profits

2. Update: ValueHuntr Portfolio Gains 17% in April; Outperforms S&P500 by 800 bps - Via ValueHuntr

3. Value Investing: From Graham To Buffett and Beyond Part 2 - Via Mr. Market Blog

4. Go Away in May? - Via Fundamental Analyst

5. Bolster Your Emergency Fund In A Prolonged Crisis - Via Jeflin’s Investment Blog

6. A Fetish of the Twentieth Century - Via Yes & Not Yes

7. Margin Of Safety: Chapter 6 - Via Barel Karsan

8. “The Wire”: The Men Behind The Scenes - Via Rational Angle

9. Dividend Increases - May 2, 2009 - Via DivNet

10. Just A Bear Rally? - Via Disciplined Approach To Investing

11. Sideline Cash May Drive Equity Prices Higher - Via Disciplined Approach To Investing


Forums & Message Boards:


1. John Hussman Buys Broadcom Corp., Humana Inc., Ltd. Brands Inc., Sells American Express Company, Bank of America Corp., and Wells Fargo - Via Guru Focus

2. Notes From Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting - Via Guru Focus

3. Guru Stocks at 52-Week Low: Abbott Laboratories, McDonald’s, Baxter International, Celgene and Becton Dickinson and Company - Via Guru Focus

4. Weekly CEO Buys Highlight: Brown & Brown, Globalstar, Prospect Capital, Manhattan Associates and Zoll Medical - Via Guru Focus

5. Barrons Interview with Ron Baron - Via Guru Focus

6. Mairs and Power’s talented CEO explains why he has warmed to Wells Fargo. - Via Guru Focus

7. BLUD - Market over-reacts - Via Guru Focus

8. JAG - Buying window opening - Via Guru Focs

9. PWER - Shorts vs. Insiders - Via Guru Focus

10. Would you buy this net net asset stock ? - Via Guru Focus

11. Whole Foods Market Inc and World Acceptance Corp Help Buffett-Munger Screener Model Portfolio Outperform the Market - Via Guru Focus

12. Sanofi Aventis, GSK - Via Corner Of Brk & FFH

13. Munger / Bloomberg - on CDS - Via Corner Of Brk & FFH

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