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Nightly Value Investing Links #4


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Hi Guys,


Here are tonight's links. Click the following link to access the list. http://www.nightlyinvestmentlinks.com




Daily Features (At Least Read These Articles):


Must Read: Ben Grahams Heirs - Via Mr. Market Blog

Feature:WSJ On Charlie Munger - Via Corner Of Berkshire & FFH

Feature: Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting Itinerary - Via Value Huntr

Feature: Today’s Value Investor List - Via TVI

Feature: Berkshire founder ready for a buffetting - Via FT

Feature: Financial crisis brings sobriety to Warren Buffett’s capitalist jamboree - Via Guardian.co.uk

Feature:Bloomberg and CNBC with Charlie Munger - Via Street Capitalist

Feature:CNBC: Interview with David Sokol - Via Street Capitalist

Live Blogs of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting - Via Street Capitalist

BRK Weekend: John Gainor CEO of Dairy Queen - Via Street Capitalist

Pargesa: Spaghetti Belgian - Via Value Investing Congress

The Danger of Leveraged ETFs - Via Vitaliy Katsenelson

A Day In The Life Of Warren Buffett - Via Barel Karsan

Breaking a Rule for Peter Buffett, and We Hope Neil Young Doesn’t Mind - Via Jeff Matthews

Buffettfest The Woodstock Of Capitalism - Via StockManMarc

Feature: Charles Davi Of Derivative Dribble On Benefits of central counterparties - Via Cluster Stock

Feature: New Paper on Shareholder Activism- Via Manual of Ideas

Feature:Must Read: Forgotten Fundamentals of the Energy Crisis - Via Farnam Street

More Chrysler Bankruptcy Information - Via Distressed Debt Investing

Feature: Is Warren Getting Too Much Attention? Warren & Becky Sittin’ In A Tree… - Via Reformed Broker


Newspapers & Direct Sources:

1. $100 Billion Warren Buffett Doesn’t Want - Via Motley Fool

2. MARK HULBERT That bullish bandwagon - Via WSJ Market Watch

3. Chevron Corporation (CVX) Dividend Stock Analysis - Via Vinvesting

4. What was it like to be a Stanford salesman? - Via Bronte Capital


Link Carnivals, Recommended Readings, & Link Festivals:

1. Five Articles for the Weekend #39 - Via Controlled Greed

2. Paul Kedrosky Readings - Via PK

3. Abnormal Returns Friday links: the management myth - Via Abnorma Returns

4. Wall Street Folly Headline Roundup - Via WSF




1. Monitoring the Economy - Via A Dash Of Insight

2. Finding Meaning in Tough Times - Via Financial Philosopher

3. Syncora, formerly SCA, defaults on bond insurance claims; MBIA sues Merrill Lynch - Via Can Turtles Fly

4. IBM Assumes Familiar Leadership Role - Via Dividends Value

5. Bullish Investor Sentiment Stuck In A Range - Via Disciplined Approach To Investing

6. Record Performance for the Special Situations Real Money Portfolio - Via Fat Pitch Financials


8. iGo Inc (IGOI) Q1 Business Valuation Update - Via Old School Value

9. Psychology & Wells Fargo @ $7.80/share - Via The Money Gardener

10. ANOTHER BOUNCE IN APRIL - Via Capital Spectator

11.Why Not to Listen to the “Why Not to Invest” Crowd - Via Guru Investor

12. The Bond Fallacy - Via Guru Investor

13. Kass: S&P 1,050, Then a Pullback - Via Guru Investor

14. Buffett’s Berkshire Letter from 1985 - Via WideMoat

15.Individual and Organizational Interests: Pathways to Integration - Via Farnam Street

16. Feature:Must Read: What are the central dogmas of ecology? - Via Farnam Street

17. The Tragedy of the Commons (Prisoners’ Dilemma) - Via Farnam Street

18. Series I Bond Composite Rate Falls to Zero - Via Rational walk

19. Early Hurricane Forecasts Often Unreliable - Via Rational Walk

20. New FASB Rule Aims to Clarify ‘Net Income’ - Via ValueHuntr


Forums & Message Boards:

1. Feature: Morningstar on FFH - Via Corner Of Brk & FFH

2. Eagle Rock Energy Partners: Time to buy? - Via Guru Focus

3. Dresser-Rand Group - A Backdoor Play on Oil and Gas - Via Guru Focus

4. Gas Fields Go From Bust to Boom - Via Guru Focus

5. Holdings in USG Contribute to Fairfax Financial Holdings Book Value Turnaround - Via Guru Focus

6. Bond bubble has crashed - Via Guru Focus

7. A Survey of Quarterly Resutls of Hotels: Marriott International, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Choice Hotels (CHH) and Wyndham Worldwide - Via Guru Focus

8. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc Is A Net Cash Value Play - Via Guru Focus

9. Seth Klarman on Liquidation Value - Via Guru Focus

10. Varian Medical Systems – Outstanding yet Cheap! -Via Guru Focus

11. First American (FAF) Beats by a Mile - Via Guru Focus

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