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Nightly Value Investing Links #2


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Hi Guys,


Thanks for the wonderful responses. Here are Tonight's links you can find them at



Daily Features (At Least Read These Articles):


Feature: William Gates Sr. and Bill Gates Jr. on Charlie Rose - Via Value Investing World

Feature: When you dig a hole too deep… - Via Sanjay Bakshi

0. Credit Default Swaps and Control Rights, Redux - Via Derivative Dribble & Atlantic

1. NTE - Sleeping NET-NET Beauty - Via Gurufocus

2. John Malone in wide-ranging interview with Denver Business Journal - Via Manual Of Ideas

3. Jeff Matthews Top Ten Questions for Warren Buffett - Via Investors Consigliere

4. Seminar in Value Investing from Columbia Business School’s Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing - Via SoVestor

5. Stock Investments From Forbes 400 Best Big Companies - Via Old School Value

6. Video: Milken Roundtable On Credit Markets - Via Paul Kedrosky

7. Three Part Megapost On AIG - Via Aleph Blog


Newspapers & Direct Sources:


1. Overactive - Via BreakingViews

2. The economics of Paradigm Global – alleged substance abuse and alleged ponzi schemes - Via Bronte Capital

3. Bolton favors tech, financial sectors - Via Vinvesting

4. Starbucks Reports Dismal Quarter - Via Todd Sullivan

5. Why McDonalds Steamrolls Competition. - Via Todd Sullivan


Link Carnivals, Recommended Readings, & Link Festivals:


1. Wall Street Folly Headline Roundup - Via WSF

2. Abnormal Returns Daily List of Links - Via AR

3. Todd Sullivan’s Wed Links - Via Todd Sullivan




Feature: Fed Statements Compared - Via Aleph Blog

1. Strategies for Achieving Economic Moats - Via Rational Walk


3. What accounting students think about whistleblowing: are future accounting professionals willing to whistleblow internally or externally for ethics violations? - Via Farnam Street

4. The Misleading Campaign to Discredit Buy and Hold - Via Enlightened American

5. NAB 1H09 Earnings down -22% - Via Fundamental Analysis

6. ANZ 1H09 Earnings Halved - Via Fundamental Analysis

7. Buffett’s Favorite Manager - Via WideMoat

8. Yardeni’s 12 Reasons for Optimism - Via Guru Investor

9. North! to North Dakota. We’re going north. The rush is on. - Via GreenBackd

10. Heebner: CGM Focus Redemptions - Via Guru 5

11. Cash is King. - Via Value Finance

12. Vanda Pharmaceuticals Reports Q1 2009 Results - Via ValuHuntr

13. DB pension woes are plans’ own fault - Via Humble Student Of The Markets

14. ANOTHER PAINFUL GDP REPORT - Via Capital Spectator

15. Go Green and See More Greenbacks - Via Jeflins Investment Blog

16. Rocky Road For Rocky Mountain - Via DivNet

17. Take On Taxes - Via Barel Karsan

18. Pricing Power - Via Vitaliy Katsenelson

19. Mister Softie, are you serious? - Via Vitaliy Katsenelson

20. Do Not Buy First Solar (FSLR) Into Earnings - Via College Analysts

21. The Truth About Stock Market Returns- Via Buying Value

22. Trading in Dendreon Stock Shows Why Short Term Trading Is Such A Gamble - Via Peridot Capitalist

23. How well will stocks do in times of high inflation? - Via CIJ

24. Buy-And-Hold Under Attack - Via Dividneds Value

25. Elite Dividend Stocks - Via Dividends Value

26. Gary Shilling interview with Advisor Perspectives - Via Can Turtles Fly

27. US GDP contracts 6.1% (annualized) in 1st quarter - Via Can Turtles Fly


Forums & Message Boards:


1. Guns: One of America’s Last Growth Industries - Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and Sturm Ruger & Co (RGR) - Via GuruFocus

2. Top George Solos Holdings: Petrobras (PBR), Potash (POT), Best Buy(BBY), Hess Corp. (HES), and ConocoPhillips (COP) - Via Guru Focus

3. Irving Kahn adds to MBIA, Merck, The New York Times, reduces IDT, KeyCorp, and Questar Corp. - Via Guru Focus

4. Know Your Intrinsic Values - Via Guru Focus

5. Regulators’ New Emphasis on Banks’ Common Equity Levels: Totally Misguided Decrease - Via Guru Focus

6. George Soros Buys More of Mercury Computer Systems - Via Guru Focus

7. Muni Bonds - Via Corner Of BRK & FFH

8.Berkshire won’t release earnings report this week - Via Corner Of BRK & FFH


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