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Will US have its ‘Sputnik Moment’ again?


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Interesting piece.  I've often thought of it in a similar, but a bit different way.  I have thought it isn't quite a single moment that is required, but something transformational in the economy which is required to get us out of the "malaise" (said with a Jimmy Carter accent).  Something like the internet in the mid to late 90s or real estate in the early to mid Aughts.  Before that we had big business/M&A in the 1980s, big business/technology in the 1960s, etc.  Of course most of these things lead to bubbles, but that's a secondary question.


But in all these times something took over the psyche of the population and caused them to feel better about life and it's possibilities.  People dreamed again and felt that those dreams could be reached.  If only someone could figure out how to do that and not have it be built on a house of cards . . . .

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