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Healthcare providers / health insurance companies


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This may affect the market a little bit, as well as making premiums more expensive for all who have health insurance. And for those with moral objections, good luck fighting this administration.


And all those who are prone to deciding which topics should be spoken about on a business/investing blog, I hope this meets YOUR requirements.



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On Medicare, Krugman makes a great argument:




On the other hand, I'm from Canada, and USA's backwards healthcare system provides a large competitive advantage for Canada, as US businesses relocate their labor forces here to reduce healthcare costs.  And, that competitive advantage will only grow as time passes and healthcare costs increase.


I'm pretty sure that spending 30% less for equivalent or better healthcare would be good, right SouthernYankee?  (Just doing that whole "Looking for common ground by starting with a question whose answer is obvious" thing that you suggested).



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