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Nightly Value Investing Links


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Hi Guys


My name is Miguel Barbosa. I run http://www.SimoleonSense.com & http://www.NightlyInvestmentLinks.com


SimoleonSense is dedicated to the Charlie Munger approach of making value investors more well rounded.

Nightly Value Investment links - aggregates daily links from the top value investing blogs/newspapers/videos etc


Below is an example of tonight's nightly links. Unfortunately, I don't know how to paste them in otherwise I would just provide them on here every night.


If the links below sound interesting check out http://www.NightlyInvestmentLinks.com

Daily Features (At Least Read These Articles):


1. Collection of Materials & Coverage Of 2009 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting - via Morning Star

2. Gates Makes Lifetime Pledge To Buffett’s Berkshire - Via Bloomberg, Value Investing World & Corner Of BRK @ FFH

3. Video: Warren Buffett on Succession - Via GuruFocus

4. Seth Klarman Video - Via Compounding Machines

5. Ori Eyal’s Letters to Investors - Via Manual Of Ideas

6. Tom Barracks Latest Letter: We Are Much Better Than Our Circumstances - Via Colon y Capital

7. Berkowitz Says: Being Like Buffett May Mean Parting Ways with Him - Via Morning Star

8. Travelzoo’s Performance Impresses - Via Manual Of Ideas

9. Anatomy of Common Stock Due Diligence: Be sure to also check out the Blue Ridge capital reading list available via this post -Via Distressed Debt Investing

10. Interview With Christopher Browne from Tweedy Browne back in 1999. - Via Mr. Market Blog

11. Invest Like It’s The End of the World and Be Rewarded - Via Sham Gad

12. Negative Relationship Between Local/State Tax Burden and Economic Growth - Via Farnam Street

13. Why Insurance Stocks and Why Now? - Via Corner Of Berkshire & FFH

14. Time Magazine-Investment Guru Jim Rogers - Via All Things Jim Rogers

15. Is GM Worth $125 Billion? - Via Manual Of Ideas


16. How to Value a Commodity - Via Joe Ponzio Fwall Street

17. What Affects Commodities Prices - Via Joe Ponzio FWall Street

18. Investing in Commodities; Base Metals - Via Joe Ponzio @ Fwall Street


Newspapers & Direct Sources:

1. Monetizing antiquities (without selling them) - Via Felix Salmon


Link Carnivals, Recommended Readings, & Link Festivals:

1. Wall Street Folly Headline Roundup - Via WSF


Media: Videos, Podcasts, Etc

1. Video: Whalen on Government Guaranteed Bank Debt - Via Fundamental Analyst

2. Video: Peter Schiff Market Update - Via Peter Schiff Blog

3. Latest Jim Rogers Bloomberg Video Interview, April 2009 - Via Jim Rogers Blog




1. En Pointe Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: ENPT)- Via Value Huntr

2. Templeton and the Auto Industry - Via What Would John Templeton Say

3. Reverse Corp gives Gloomy Profit Forecast - Via Fundamental Analyst

4. Quote of the Month - Via Fundamental Analyst

5. Searching for Rational Management - Via WideMoat

6. Arnott: Value Stocks Priced at or below Depression Levels - Via Guru Investor

7. The Great Depression “25-Year Recovery” Myth - Via Guru Investor

8. ABTL’s board rejects “grossly inadequate” Trilogy offer - Via GreenBackd

9. Berkowitz Sticks with Leucadia - Via Guru 5

10. Posner Critique of Executive Compensation - Via Official Activist

11. Gambling, Speculation or Asymetrical Returns? - Via Bootstrap Investing

12. CMG: Burritos con Profits! - Via Iconoclast

13. Too Big To Fail IS Failure - Via Barel Karsan

14. Berkshire’s 31% Decline Spurred by Derivatives Buffett Derided - Via Vinvesting

15. News Corp. Looks Interesting - Via Todd Sullivan

16. William D. Cohan: House of Cards - Via Enterprising Investor Forum

17. Credit Markets Slowly Improving - Via Disciplined Approach To Investing

18. If you are a contrarian and believe in re-flation, worth considering natural gas - Via Can Turtles Fly

19. Well, looks like we don’t need to wait until May 4th for bank results - Via Can Turtles Fly

20. Articles to Peruse - Via Can Turtles Fly

21. Home Prices: A little higher! A little higher! - Via Accrued Interest


Forums & Message Boards:

1. Fidelity National Financial (FNF) Misses; Underlying Metrics the Real Story - Via Guru Focus

2. NYSE Euronext – A Survivor - Via Guru Focus

3. Is State Street Corp now a Bankable Proposition? - Via GuruFocus

4. Weekly CFO Buys Highlight: Skye International Inc and Reddy Ice Holdings Inc. - Via GuruFocus

5. 52-Week High Companies: Darden Restaurants, Check Point Software Technologies, Dendreon, Panera Bread Company, and 3Com Corp - Via GuruFocus

6. 25 Years to Bounce Back? Try 4½ - Mark Hulbert - Via Guru Focus

7. Iceland - economic miracle - VIa Guru Focs

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