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*Smart Internet TV

Ben Graham

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                          Is Smart TV an opportunity?


Intel predicts Smart TV is the device of the future


Read more: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2084234/intel-predicts-smart-tv-device-future#ixzz1T4A4k8s4


Videos on Smart TV:  http://www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/smarttv/video.htm





CHIPMAKER Intel believes that the Smart TV is the electronic device of the future. Erik Huggers, VP of Intel’s digital home group, says, “The Smart TV is the opportunity. The market is wide open. The landscape in the TV market (estimated to be $500 billion strong) is so fragmented, everyone is doing their own thing.”


At first it was TV, then VCR, DVDs and DVR players, and now it’s Smart TV! According to a report from Nielsen, 94% of consumers said that they would prefer to be able to access digital content or surf the web on their TVs.



Huggers' reasons behind backing the Smart TV of the future is mostly based on the fact that the market is wide open.


Connected TVs will rise to 67 million units in 2011, up from 40 million in 2010


The new Smart TVs support the diverse requirements of streaming, entertainment and high speed Internet services on a truly converged yet cost-effective platform.


With continued focus on providing consumers the best in digital home entertainment technologies like the Smart TV, manufacturers are advancing the adoption of these devices. Users now can exercise control over choice and personalize their viewing experiences while always being connected.



Microsoft is evaluating setting up as a “virtual cable operator” with web delivery, or alternatively using the Xbox to “authenticate existing cable subscribers to watch shows with enhanced interactivity,” perhaps offering interactive adverts or extras.



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No one has quite figured it out yet, but there seems to be little doubt that tablet devices have their place on the couch to serve as a second screen while Americans enjoy their favorite past time -- watching TV. In addition to many independent startups we've discussed in the past, the old guard, that already owns most of broadcast TV stateside, has a startup of its own called ConnecTV. In development for two years already, ConnecTV is currently in beta and has the hopes to go live in January. The idea is of course to put what you might want to see on your second screen while you watch the main action on the big screen. This includes sports scores, statistics, as well as what your friends may or may-not be saying on Twitter or Facebook -- and of course advertising. We'd be shocked if most tablet owners weren't already using their slate in front of the TV and can imagine how many more might if there was a great app that brought it all together.


TV broadcasters hope to dominate the second screen with ConnecTV



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This article just came out an hour ago.

US TV stations go social

08.14 Europe/London, November 21, 2011 By Robert Briel


Ten television broadcast groups with stations in markets covering 76 million US households have announced a long-term commercial partnership with Silicon Valley-based start-up ConnecTV.


The new partnership is to launch a “second screen” social TV experience in early 2012 using a free, real-time social network built for TV viewers.


ConnecTV expands the TV experience by allowing viewers to interact with other fans watching the same programme, while providing a broad range of related content and promotional opportunities that are directly synchronised to programmes being viewed.


Participating broadcast TV groups include: Barrington Broadcasting Group, Belo Corp., Cox Media Group, E.W. Scripps Co., Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television, Media General, Meredith Corp., Post-Newsweek Stations and Raycom Media. Combined, these TV groups own 201 stations made up of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW and WB affiliates in 45 of the top 50 markets. Nine of the 10 broadcast groups had previously formed a venture named Pearl, which, as part of this partnership, will expand and coordinate the affiliate base of participating local broadcasters for ConnecTV.


All broadcast partners plan to integrate and synchronise their programming within ConnecTV and promote the new service on-air and on-line. As part of the commercial agreement, the broadcasters will have local advertising inventory appear within ConnecTV to drive programme promotions and deliver campaigns through their local ad sales teams. In addition, a number of the broadcasters have made an undisclosed investment in ConnecTV.


“From its very beginning, television has always been a big part of the daily American discourse. In this digital era, much of this dialogue now takes place on social media platforms. As local broadcasters, we love that people are talking about our shows,” said Alan Frank, president and CEO of Post-Newsweek Stations on behalf of Pearl, in a statement. “We looked long and hard for a partner that could create a compelling environment that would encourage, enhance and monetise that dialogue, even during live programmes including news coverage or sporting events – and we found it at ConnecTV.”


“Our mission is for ConnecTV to be the social network that empowers entertainment, news and sports fans to share the greatest moments in television,” said ConnecTV co-Founder Ian Aaron. “The team at ConnecTV is thrilled to work with the leaders in local news and television across America as we bring to market an innovative and engaging second-screen experience for all TV viewers that works seamlessly across all programming genres and on all platforms. With over five billion TV viewers and the explosion of tablets and smart phones globally, we are truly at the beginning of a new way to watch TV.”


The news of the partnership with the leading broadcasters represents the first public announcement about ConnecTV. For the past two years, the venture has been developing its core technology, and fine-tuning its social TV platform and user experience. Available now in an “invitation only” sneak preview, ConnecTV will be launching to the public in early 2012.


ConnecTV was founded by Ian Aaron, former President of Gemstar-TV Guide and CEO of TVN Entertainment; Alan Moskowitz, former senior engineer at MobiTV and member of the founding engineering team at TiVo; and Stacy Jolna, former general manager of TV Guide OnDemand (TV Guide SPOT) and chief programming officer and founding executive team member of TiVo.

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ConnecTV expands the TV experience by allowing viewers to interact with other fans watching the same programme, while providing a broad range of related content and promotional opportunities that are directly synchronised to programmes being viewed.


Think of the occasional trouble we have here.  Now multiply that by 4chan, digg, and yahoo.  Unless they have some magic, it's going to be a real sewer of commentary.

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Guest ValueCarl

It's funny that the very poster who started this thread, is one whom some here have identified as "trouble" but you're following him very closely. What is it that excites us about "trouble makers" in this world? Ben Graham is as fine a troublemaker as I have ever seen. The world could use seven billion more optimists like him, of this I am sure.  :D 


Even sewers are subject to evolution, and we might be surprised by what is created serendipity like or in other ways during this next experiment.  ;) 


<Think of the occasional trouble we have here.  Now multiply that by 4chan, digg, and yahoo.  Unless they have some magic, it's going to be a real sewer of commentary.> 

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Guest ValueCarl



Why get serious when it's just a silly game, and other peoples money, right?


Here's a partial PUMP for AT&T and AKAMAI for solving the problem, but there's a better carrier for the necessary solutions located somewhere in the full transcript assuming someone is a paying subscriber, I'm sure.


Let's get SERIOUS on CYBER SECURITY versus worrying about "Smart Internet TV's,"  and make sure we find those damn perpetrators messing with our INFRASTRUCTURE, or any life threatening infrastructure across the globe for that matter.  :-X 






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