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fake apple store in china


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Guest VAL9000

My take is that this is indicative of how nascent the Chinese commerce system is.  Legally, they're not even close to being where they need to be.  This kind of thing wouldn't fly in developed countries.  The other indicator is that Chinese consumers are accepting this counterfeit doppelganger.  Apple's brand power isn't nearly as strong in China as it is here in NA.  Consumers are unable to differentiate between a real Apple store and a pretend one - enough so that this fake store idea is a worthwhile endeavour.  Even the employees in the store think that they actually work for Apple.  I don't know that there's much we can learn from this as investors, but it's certainly interesting.


This is the original blog posting:



It's not just one store - there are three in the same general area.  Wild.

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