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Greece,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Ireland, What comes next?


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Niels Jensen


Occupation: Fund Manager, Market Professional


Interests: Bonds, Economics, European Markets, Funds, Gold, Hedge Funds, Oil, Stocks


About Me:


Niels is a founding Partner of Absolute Return Partners LLP and its Chief Executive Partner.  He is a graduate of University of Copenhagen with a Masters Degree in economics.


He has 25 years of investment banking, private banking and asset management experience. He began his career at Andelsbanken (now Nordea) in Copenhagen. In 1986, he joined Shearson Lehman (now Lehman Brothers) in London, where he built up the firm’s equity franchise in Scandinavia. In 1989, he joined Goldman Sachs with a similar mandate, i.e. to establish a Scandinavian franchise for Goldman. In 1992, he became Co-Head of Goldman’s U.S. equity business in Europe, a post he held until 1996, when he joined Oppenheimer in London and became its Head of Europe.


Following CIBC’s acquisition of Oppenheimer, Lehman Brothers bought Oppenheimer’s European private banking operation in 1999, and Niels found himself back at the firm he left ten years earlier, now in charge of its European Private Wealth Management business. Whilst at Lehman Brothers, he developed the concept of investing that has now been put into effect at Absolute Return Partners.


In December 2006 Niels was appointed as a Director of Trafalgar House Trustees Limited, advising one of the UK's leading corporate pension funds on its investment strategy.

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