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*StumbleUpon sends more traffic to US websites than Facebook

Ben Graham

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While the focus recently has been on Facebook & Microsoft/Skype, Google+ for gaining control over the world's eyeballs.


StumbleUpon sends more traffic to US websites than Facebook




Video will be the big sea change/tsunami of all business models hence forth.


The future is NOW!

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It seems like on every thread the topic always gets side tracked by a bully or someone who just likes to concentrate on trivialities.


ORLY? TariqAli's post represents bullying behavior now?


If a place exists where it is okay to spread blatant misinformation (that, in one way or another, all links back to the poster's long position in LVLT) yet calling out such nefarious action is not okay, I would question my own decision to stick around and contribute.

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or you could just read the comments and see:


"I highly doubt this is true. There is one thing not being considered in the study, and that is facebook now uses HTTPS, which doesn’t pass referral information to the target site."


The same thing happened with Google Buzz. As part of Gmail, it was HTTPS. They fixed that with Google+ by first redirecting outbound clicks to a non SSL URL.

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