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*Calix - The equipment that sits between users’ devices and the cloud

Ben Graham

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Calix (NYSE:CALX) describes itself as the equipment that sits between users’ devices and the cloud. Specifically, it has hardware and software that power “nodes” — the boxes you sometime see on street corners where traffic from anywhere from 32 to 64 fiber users converges. That traffic is then sent on to a central facility, which Calix can also power, before being sent onto the internet’s fast lanes.


Though not a household name, Calix says it is the leader in fiber deployment with more fiber nodes deployed than any other company, including Verizon, which heavily invested in fiber optics with its FIOS service for U.S. consumers. Just in the efforts on broadband stimulus alone, Calix says it’s helped bring fiber optic connectivity to some 2.3 million homes — a good start on the national broadband plan’s goal of having 100 million U.S. houses having 100-Mbps net connections by 2020.


“All content is moving to the cloud, and there are broadband devices everywhere,” said Calix’s chief marketing officer Geoff Burke. “We are the people that sit between those devices and clouds. That puts us in very powerful position.”


The only question is how long will it take for the United States to become one nation connected by fiber.






Calix, Inc. (Calix) is a provider in North America of broadband communications access systems and software for fiber- and copper-based network architectures that enable communications service providers (CSPs) to connect to their residential and business subscribers. The Company enables CSPs to provide a range of revenue-generating services, from basic voice and data to broadband services, over legacy and access networks. Calix focuses solely on CSP access networks, the portion of the network, which governs available bandwidth and determines the services that can be offered to subscribers. The Company develops and sells carrier-class hardware and software products, which it refers to as its Unified Access Infrastructure portfolio. On February 22, 2011, Calix completed its acquisition of Occam Networks, Inc.


With Calix's access equipment, your bandwidth runneth over. Calix (Latin for "cup")

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