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*Internet Innovation - IPTV is broadcast's next power play

Ben Graham

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                          [move]"Build a great IPTV service and the money will come...easy as that"[/move]                


Making money from an IPTV based multi-play service is easy, providing you deliver a “top-notch, no fault, high-quality service like we do, and deliver it beautifully"




                             IPTV is broadcast's next power play


Marc Goodchild, a UK-based cross platform expert who used to work for the BBC, says IPTV or Internet Protocol TV will take over the broadcast industry in the very near future.




                             Innovation for the next-generation


French telco Bouygues Telecom has selected Wi-Fi technology from Israeli firm Celeno for the next generation of its 'Bbox' units, which combine IPTV, broadband and telephony services.


Revolutionary wireless technology will enable customers to enjoy their HD content on multiple displays, without compromising on image quality and sound.



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Thanks for the post. I have poked around LVLT financials and have attempted to read through the thread on this board, but I cannot get around the lack of positive FCF and the huge debt load. Albeit the recent trend of improvement in cash operating margin and reduction in FCF losses is a positive, I am still hesitant to engage in a situation where external forces outside of operations could ruin the story... BUT I should temper my ignorance and read through whatever is available, so if you can point me toward something particularly helpful in understanding the story I would be grateful. Thanks

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