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Walter Scott

Ben Graham

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Walter Scott, Jr. Biography


Walter Scott, Jr. has made significant contributions to the construction, mining, power generation and

telecommunications industries. A highly successful business executive and internationally respected

corporate leader, Scott serves as chairman of Level 3 Communications and chairman emeritus and a

director of Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc.


Scott graduated from Colorado State University in 1953 with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

Recipient of numerous honors and awards, he was named a College of Engineering Honor Alumnus in

1982. The university presented him with an honorary doctorate of science in engineering in 2003.


Scott and his wife, Suzanne, are well known as philanthropists and advocates for higher education

opportunities for young people. The Walter Scott, Jr. Scholarship Endowment at Colorado State

University was established in 1982. It annually assists about 18 undergraduate students in pursuing their

educational goals in engineering.


Following graduation from CSU, Scott joined construction and mining giant Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc.

After assignments in California, New York and Ohio, he returned to his home state of Nebraska in 1964

to serve as a vice president and director of the company. He became president in 1979 and was named

chairman of the board when Peter Kiewit died later that same year.


Under Scott’s 19-year leadership, the company continued its growth and developed investments in

energy and telecommunications. Before his semi-retirement in 1998, he engineered the separation of

these new ventures from the historic construction and mining firm. The employee-owned Kiewit has

continued its growth and is now ranked #238 on the Fortune 500 and #24 on Forbes’ Largest Private

Companies list. The energy assets became MidAmerican Energy Holdings, based in Des Moines, Iowa

and now majority-owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The telecommunications assets became Level 3

Communications, based in Broomfield, Colorado.


In addition to serving as a member of the Kiewit and Level 3 boards, Scott is also a director of Berkshire

Hathaway, MidAmerican Energy Holdings, and Valmont Industries. He is active in community affairs

and a director or board chairman of a number of charitable and educational non-profits. On the national

level, he is a director and former board chairman of the Horatio Alger Association and a member of the

James Madison Council of the Library of Congress.



Forbes Lists:


#595 Forbes Billionaires


#201 in United States


#205 Forbes 400


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Guest ValueCarl

A wise man with wonderfully bright, gifted friends including Mr. Warren E. Buffett(That's  Buffett with 2 T's, vs. the video). Global citizens take note.


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