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Carlos Slim eyes Canada telecom market: analyst


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I've been wanting to do more research on Carlos Slim. There was a lot of fanfare about him when he was #2 or #3 richest men in the world. He was right along side Buffett and Gates. I believe his Mexican holdings (Telemex, Cemex, etc) have been slammed lately.


Most of those companies are monopolies in Mexico and it doesn't take a lot of thought on why he's so rich. With the politics in Mexico, he has a lot of clout.


Yet, I tried to invest in Telemex during the Clinton (NAFTA era) and don't remember it being an amazing investment. Cemex -- I'm debating, and can't really pull the trigger.


Are any Carlos Slim investments good/safe buys?

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Made a killing on Telmex, absolute killing on America Movil, did so so on Telmex Internacional.


That said Telmex is the Mexican phones plus internet, land lines etc.  America Movil is a Latin America wireless company, they're in pretty much every country down there including Brazil, they operate in the US under the Tracfone brand.  Telmex Internacional was the international landlines and internet business.


Last year America Movil merged all three back together again, they were all Telmex but regulators forced spinoffs in 2001 and 2008.  I'm not sure if AMX is a buy or not, I'm holding mine, but my position is outsized so I'm not buying anymore, actually dumped a bit to raise some cash recently.


Let me know if you want more info, I knew all sorts of stats for them back in 2005-06, it's down to maintenance knowledge now.

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