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European jockey stocks with moat


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Hi all.


As a European-based investor I try to be only 40-50% invested in US based companies. Atm I trying to find more jockey/strong moat stocks based in Europe but I can hardly find any company that has all of the requirements I am setting for this particular part of my portfolio.

I am focussed on investments that I can own for a (very) long term, have a strong competitive advantage and/or (but if 'or' -> stronger moat!) a management team with good allocation skills and a long track record.


Currently my list has two names (KINVB & LRE) that I am considering to add and a bunch of large caps that I just consider average but have somewhat predictable earnings.


If anyone has some ideas to share or even better, can give me good ways to uncover more of them myself, shoot!



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Kinnevik was just what I was going to suggest when I saw the title of the thread. I don't know if you have any requirements on size, but checking out Öresund might be an idea too. Good long term track record and have always traded at or above NAV before, but was struck by a catastrophe last year. One of their core holdings HQ Bank had violated reserves rules and lost their banking license, causing them to go bankrupt. I could elaborate further on the implications of that if you find the company interesting. They now trade at a discount to NAV of roughly 20%.


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