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Why All This QUICK Talk About Dividends That Should Be Paid?

Guest ValueCarl

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Guest ValueCarl

For me, the response just means that, Michael Angelo is still not finished painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and can't be bothered by peasants asking him to come down off of his scaffold while giving his back a break.


Otherwise, this SAGE is reserving his insurance float for the nuclear holocaust he has calculated will occur sometime between now and before the end of the ages!


I will tell Mr. Buffett this though, that his stock hasn't been going up that much with all his magical compounding(Yeah, I know about VOTING MACHINES vs. WEIGHING MACHINES, but still.....!)


Because it's Becky QUICK asking my long proposed question, I'll drink this one SLOW! Because if you can't drink it slow, it's quick!  ;)


There are plenty of large caps like XOM paying dividends and their stock still goes up like his could! Chalk it up to inflation, of which he has built an "inflationary machine" most of the time passing along higher prices to his customer bases, without the corresponding increases in underlying costs!    




I'd like to see his stock go up meaningfully; however, so prove me wrong, and like one of your director's, Mr. Scott, we can be happy for "holding onto our shares."



12:01 p.m. |Berkshire dividends: Folly or inevitability?

CNBC’s Becky Quick asks a question on behalf of an absent shareholder: When will Berkshire offer a dividend? Otherwise, the only way that investors can realize a gain from their holdings is to sell their shares.


Buffett has this to say: Shareholders benefit more from leaving their money with him and reaping a handsome return than by getting a regular payout and depleting the Berkshire war chest.


There will come a time when Berkshire will offer a dividend, he adds. But that would signal that the company can no longer offer attractive returns from its deal machine.


“I think the day berkshire declares a dividend is a day when the stock goes down,” he says. “As it should.”      

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