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Was wondering, in light of the upcoming annual meeting, what people who are in the know, know about Omaha and its culture in general.

I've only been to the annual meeting once, but was talking to a business associate the other day about the annual meeting and what Omaha is like. He's a local or knows the area well, and said that there are serious crime and violence problems in Omaha once in while.


check out this wild goose chase by the Omaha Police on a guy with a shot gun in an SUV.

at 3:42 they go past the the Qwest Center and through to Carter Lake.


Couldn't believe my eyes ... and was thinking ... man that's where I went past a couple of years ago getting to my hotel on the way to the Qwest.


just an amusing thought.  :)


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I'm going to pass this year.  I haven't gained from it for several years and each year more and more know-nothings appear.  There are still quite a few private events that will yield good relationships if you are interested in that sort of thing.  I dislike feeling this way, but still look forward to Wesco. 

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