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SA article about an Apple TV set

Guest Bronco

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Guest Bronco

Makes perfect sense.  This company is really amazing, changing our lives with music, phones and now connectivitiy with ipads.  TV's are next.


The only near term risk is Job's health.  But the FCF on this puppy is amazing.  $80B in cash not too far away (that is scary - with that coin they may be able to solve our deficit problems).


I wonder if these guys somehow will compete with the cable companies.  Between netflix (a short term market share leader but long-term bust IMO) and any apple products, the old business models are eroding.  I already have an ABC app, you can get MLB apps on the Ipad, etc.  Will TV stations be replaced by Apps?


I don't know all the answers but there is more change a coming.  Apple will be the leader.  No doubt.

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